distributive lattice

distributive lattice
дистрибутивная решетка

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  • Distributive lattice — In mathematics, distributive lattices are lattices for which the operations of join and meet distribute over each other. The prototypical examples of such structures are collections of sets for which the lattice operations can be given by set… …   Wikipedia

  • Distributive lattice/Proofs — Lemma 1Every totally ordered set is a distributive lattice with max as join and min as meet.ProofWe will show: : x vee (y wedge z) = (x vee y)wedge(x vee z)We may suppose yle z (If not, zle y and we may switch y and z.) Recall that yle z is… …   Wikipedia

  • distributive lattice — noun A lattice in which the meet and the join operations are distributive with respect to each other …   Wiktionary

  • Completely distributive lattice — In the mathematical area of order theory, a completely distributive lattice is a complete lattice in which arbitrary joins distribute over arbitrary meets. Formally, a complete lattice L is said to be completely distributive if, for any doubly… …   Wikipedia

  • Lattice (order) — See also: Lattice (group) The name lattice is suggested by the form of the Hasse diagram depicting it. Shown here is the lattice of partitions of a four element set {1,2,3,4}, ordered by the relation is a refinement of . In mathematics, a… …   Wikipedia

  • Distributive property — In mathematics, and in particular in abstract algebra, distributivity is a property of binary operations that generalizes the distributive law from elementary algebra. For example: 2 × (1 + 3) = (2 × 1) + (2 × 3). In the left hand side of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Distributive homomorphism — A congruence θ of a join semilattice S is monomial, if the θ equivalence class of any element of S has a largest element. We say that θ is distributive, if it is a join, in the congruence lattice Con S of S, of monomial join congruences of S. The …   Wikipedia

  • Lattice of subgroups — In mathematics, the lattice of subgroups of a group G is the lattice whose elements are the subgroups of G, with the partial order relation being set inclusion.In this lattice, the join of two subgroups is the subgroup generated by their union,… …   Wikipedia

  • distributive — distributively, adv. distributiveness, n. /di strib yeuh tiv/, adj. 1. serving to distribute, assign, allot, or divide; characterized by or pertaining to distribution. 2. Gram. referring to the members of a group individually, as the adjectives… …   Universalium

  • Congruence lattice problem — In mathematics, the congruence lattice problem asks whether every algebraic distributive lattice is isomorphic to the congruence lattice of some other lattice. The problem was posed by Robert P. Dilworth, and for many years it was one of the most …   Wikipedia

  • Duality theory for distributive lattices — In mathematics, duality theory for distributive lattices provides three different (but closely related) representations of bounded distributive lattices via Priestley spaces, spectral spaces, and pairwise Stone spaces. This generalizes the well… …   Wikipedia

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